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DJ Lewi & Chopper - You Better Run

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DJ Lewi & Chopper - You Better Run
A: Dubplate Version
B: Pete Cannon Atari Remix

Parallax Recordings is very proud to finally unearth DJ Lewi & Chopper's dubplate version of 'You Better Run'. To our knowledge only two copies of this version of 'You Better Run' are in existence: one once owned by Kenny Ken and the other by DJ Hype, who played it in his famous set at Roast - Land Of The Giants Pt. 2 in 1995. We have no knowledge if Hype is still in possession of his plate, but we got our hands on Kenny Ken’s dubplate and had it lovingly restored by Skunk Association and then remastered by Beau Thomas. So even if you if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the ultrarare elt.1 whitelabel that came out via Jetstar and changes hands between collectors from 200 pounds upwards you are still faced with the problem that it doesn't contain the right version that many love from this legendary DJ Hype live recording. Holy grail business!!!

When we contacted Lewi he first couldn´t even recall if he even made this version with Chopper and had no copy of it himself, so this would have definitely been lost to time if we wouldn´t have been lucky enough to get our hands on this dubplate. Lewi gave us permission to release it and so Skunk Association in Vienna professionally took care of the restoration of the dubplate and invested a lot of time in making it as good as it can be. On the flip, there´s a fresh new 'Atari' remix by none other than man of the moment Pete Cannon and he flipped it in a way that only he can and even added a positive message 'Don´t want no gun and no murder!'

A1: DJ Lewi & Chopper - You Better Run [Dubplate Version]

B1: DJ Lewi & Chopper - You Better Run [Pete Cannon Atari Remix]

Playlist with both tracks:

Mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven. Pressed at Optimal Germany.